Screeps Wiki

A constructed wall is a structure that blocks creeps from passing. A constructed wall can be destroyed by creeps that target them.

  • Costs 500 points to build, taking 100 ticks to build with one WORK body and costing 500 energy.
  • A completed wall will have 6000 hits, and can be -if necessary- be upgraded to 10.000.000 hits.
  • Walls have no owners, so it won't appear in the Game.structures list. It will, however, appear in the list where x is an object in a room.
  • Walls can be build in world mode if the controller is level 2 and the player owns that controller.


  • To get a list of the constructed walls inside the same room as a chosen spawn:

 function findWalls(spawn) {
   var returnedWalls =, {
       filter => (structure) {
           return structure.structureType === STRUCTURE_WALL;
   return returnedWalls;


See structure object