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Path and its non-constructed block.

A road is a structure that helps creeps to move faster over terrain.

A road tile takes 300 points to build, which means 60 ticks to build with a single WORK body part and costs of 300 energy.

When a road is built and has less then full hits it can be repaired with a creep with WORK and CARRY components with energy by using the .repair() command

Decreases movement cost to 1. Using roads allows creating creeps with less MOVE body parts.

Controller level Any (including neutral rooms)


  • 300 on plain land
  • 1,500 on swamp
  • 45,000 on wall


  • 5,000 on plain land
  • 25,000 on swamp
  • 750,000 on wall


  • Loses 100 hits every 1,000 ticks on plain land
  • Loses 500 hits every 1,000 ticks on swamp
  • Loses 15,000 every 1,000 ticks on wall

Note: every creep step decreases the decay timer for 1 tick per each creep body part


See structure object

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